How to Write RtI Procedures


How to Write RtI Procedures
When a school district decides to design an RtI framework, what connects all of the components together to create a sustainable process that is implemented with fidelity? An RtI procedures manual is the link. How to Write RtI Procedures turns fidelity of implementation into a tangible product.

In How to Write RtI Procedures, author Shirley Veldhuis shares her unique experience with the design and implementation of an RtI framework. Through first hand knowledge and expertise in the field, she discovered the need for a written procedures manual to ensure that fidelity of implementation became an integral part of the problem-solving process inherent in an RtI framework.

Highlights of How to Write RtI Procedures

  • Describes the design of a successful RtI framework
  • Explains the interaction of policy, process and procedures
  • Defines key features of written procedures
  • Provides complete ELA K-6 procedures and forms
  • Offers practice exercises
RtI Procedure Manual Sample
RtI Procedure Manual Sample Page
RtI Procedure Sample Grade1
RtI Procedure Grade 1 Sample